Working Out While on the Road

If you’re traveling in your RV for an extended period of time, finding the space to work out can be a challenge.  If you aren’t a runner who can be easily accommodated anywhere, you might just plan on skipping your workouts while you’re traveling.  There are exercises and equipment you can bring with you to make working out doable while in the RV.


To get a great, full body workout in, you don’t need all of the weights and equipment you find in the gym.  A couple of the key items you need are resistance bands, a yoga mat, an ab roller, push up bars, one set of weights, etc.  Any fitness piece that is small and portable will do nicely.  If you love your kettlebells, bring a set of medium weight.  The idea is to bring a few items that you can use in a number of ways, providing a full body workout.


Push ups are a great exercise that works your upper body and core.  If you don’t have a lot of floor space, you can do pushups against the wall or even outside using the side of the RV!  Be creative with your exercises and you’ll find you can do more than you thought.


Crunches, sit ups, planks, etc., are all great core exercises that you don’t need much space or fancy equipment to get done.  Use the yoga mat outside when you’re camped for a more natural experience.  Download some yoga or Pilates videos before you hit the road to use while you’re gone.  Invite your neighbors to join you!



Resistance bands can be used for arms, legs, and core strengthening.  Bring a few different bands with different resistance levels to vary your workouts.  These can take the place of free weights and all usual sets you’d do in the gym can be done with resistance bands.





Be creative in keeping to your fitness goals while on the road.  You don’t need much to exercise effectively, and varying your workouts from what you usually do in the gym can be beneficial!