Work from Your RV

If you love your RV. Love taking trips, exploring the country with your loved ones, and being comfortable while you do it. Then let me ask you, what if you could work from your RV and be able to travel year round? Would you do it?

Depending on the nature of your work, setting up your RV as your mobile office might be easier than you think. An RV as an office is going to cost much less than establishing a business in a fixed location.  And if you do everything right and follow the IRS regulations, you might be able to write off the RV as part of your business costs!  


Of course, there are some businesses that won’t do well in an RV. But there are others that will manage just fine! Jobs such as accountant, bookkeeper, traveling salesman, photographer or writer, software technician or internet guru, and so many more!  If you’ve have had an interest in pursuing a career like the ones mentioned here, you might be able to combine work and leisure with an RV business.


On the other hand, with the cost being much lower than a traditional office space, even if you don’t plan to travel in it, an RV could be a great office in a fixed location! You don’t have to be a road warrior to work out of the RV and if you stay in the same place, there are other career options open to you such as food truck vendor, hair stylist, or dog groomer.  


If working for yourself is your dream, you might be able to make it reality.  Combine self employment with your love of RVing, and you’ll have a fantastic thing going! It’s an attractive option to consider, and one much more doable than many realize.