RV Hacks You Need to Know

With so many people embracing the RV lifestyle, there are more and more great ideas being shared each year.  Hacks like how to make travel and packing easy, and how to set up camp more efficiently. We love reading about ingenious solutions and have picked our top ten favorites to share with you here.  

1. Hate tripping over the garbage?  We do too! Take a collapsible laundry basket and use that as your garbage can.  A bag fits easily in it and when you’re ready to move, fold it up until you need it again.

2. Pick up a tension rod that fits your shower and use it to hang damp clothes.  They’ll stay put even when you’re driving and you won’t have to worry about smelly, moldy clothes, or a wet mess to clean up.

3. Before you toss that empty water bottle, set it aside to use in the morning.  Instead of getting a bowl dirty to scramble some eggs, crack them into the bottle and shake it up!

4. Traveling with kids?  Pick up a couple shower caddies with the suction cups to organize toys and activities for the ride.  Stick these to the windows for easy access and hours of fun.

5. Wasps are the scourge of any stored RV or trailer.  Keep wasps from setting up shop in your RV by putting cut up flea collars in compartments.

6. Keeping items in place in the shower is difficult.  Mount a towel rod near the floor or tub wall to hold products in place.  You can even use a plastic shoe holder hung on the rod or inside on the wall.

7. To keep tissues from being squished or getting wet, take a plastic Tupperware container that fits the box.  Put the tissues inside and cut a narrow opening along the bottom for the tissues to pull out.

8. While setting up camp, find the water spigot.  Take a bar of soap and one knee-high pantyhose.  Put the soap inside the hose and tie to the spigot.  Hand washing is easy and the soap stays put. 

9. Another pest to keep away are the flies.  Use a solution of 50/50 Pine-Sol and water to wipe down tables, awnings, counters, etc. to repel flies.

10. Floor mats make great liners for under your mattresses.  Improve your comfort and insulation by installing floor mats to the bottom of bunks and beds.