Celebrities that RV

We’ve all seen news stories and articles featuring celebrities on set or on the road in their incredible motor homes. While on location, celebrities often have RVs that are more luxurious than many of our homes! But some celebrities have fallen in love with the RV lifestyle and spend more time than they need to enjoy them.


Here are a few well known people who travel and relax in their RVs, just like so many of us do.


Actor Jeff Daniels has an RV, a Gulf Stream Tour Master, that he has nicknamed “The Bus.”  Daniels and his family often take their vacations in “The Bus” and have spent plenty of time in it. According to Daniels, “I don’t think you can call yourself a true American until you’ve been behind the wheel of an RV.”


Another actor, Sean Penn, was even more committed to his RV. His Airstream trailer was home to this celebrity. Penn lived in the RV on 50 acres of pristine mountain property until he lost his home to the Malibu fires in 2007.


Country singer and icon Dolly Parton enjoys RVing with her husband.  As well known in America as she is, Parton says that she loves the anonymity of traveling by RV and does it as often as possible.  


There are numerous other celebrities, athletes, politicians, important figures, etc., who have come to love the RV culture and lifestyle.  Olympian Bode Miller, Rob Lowe, Shia LaBeouf, Davis Love, and Gordon Elliott are just a few of the names you’ll recognize.  

When it comes time for your next RV adventure, keep a sharp eye out.  You might just run into someone you admire or you have always wanted to meet!