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Yamping (Yard Camping)

Have you heard the Kacey Musgraves song: “My House”? It’s about bringing “My house to you”. Nothing beats a little Yamping (Yard Camping) at a friends house, your own, or a business.

There are so many reasons to Yamp. You may not have much time off of work and can’t get away long enough to go on a “real vacation”. You may be testing out your new RV or doing some maintenance. Maybe you have friends or family in town and need a place for them to stay. Or, maybe you are visiting friends or family and are Yamping on their property. Whatever your reason to Yamp, Yamping is a great way to spend quality time with the people you care about. Read More

How to Name Your RV

Have you named your RV yet? If you haven’t you may want to make it a priority. Over 50% of RVers say they’ve named their RV. It brings some great pride to ride around in their nicknamed home on wheels. But it also has some practical value as well. It might not be very efficient for conversation to say “let’s head back to the Heartland Road Warrior 425” compared to saying “let’s head back to Earl”.

If you’re having a tough time coming up with names here’s a list of ideas you may want to keep in mind. Try brainstorming by writing down every name that comes to mind for five minutes and then sifting through the results to narrow it down to the lucky winner. Read More

12 Surf Spots for RVers

There’s a lot of great surf spots in this beautiful country.

Traditionally people think of a guy with a Class B Surfer Van when they think of someone hitting the road to hit the waves, but nowadays it’s easier than ever to waves while hitting the road in luxury. Here’s a few of the Surf Spots we’ve visited in an RV that we recommend.

Newport Beach

If you know surfing there’s a good chance you’ve heard about Newport Beach. It’s where many of the legends hail from as well as many of the top surf brands come
from this area (volcomhurleyetc).

The pier is the most popular spot, it’s great for hanging out at the beach, surfing and the nightlife is hot.

We highly recommend staying at the Newport Dunes RV Resort.



Crescent Beach

Up in Northern California near the Redwoods is Crescent
City. It is positioned perfectly where it’s usually protected from the wind yet produces some of the best longboard rides you’ll find.

It’s a great beach for all types of surfers but is very
friendly for the newbie. You can even pull up the RV and park it for the day while you hit the waves like this family did.



Laguna Beach

Although it’s famous for TV Shows it’s actually a good beach to catch a wave. With many miles of beautiful shoreline you can even find a little cove or break all to yourself.

Start at main beach in downtown Laguna and work your way up or down the coast to check on some other spots. It’s a nice little town with a ton of art and character.



Santa Cruz

One of the iconic surfing cities in the world. Many of the top surfers come out of this area and the waves can be very territorial.

Cowells beach is a great spot for beginners. In fact it’s regarded as one of the best places in the world for beginners. You can ride along smooth wave on a longboard and you’re usually protected from the wind.

Steamer lane is NOT a place you want to visit if you’re a beginner. The waves can be fierce, the locals are VERY territorial and there’s a cliff that you’re heading towards as you’re surfing.


Indian Beach

Here’s an absolute gem of a beach. Indian Beach in Ecola State Park, Oregon is truly a surfers paradise. The state park is a lush forest that pops out the rugged pacific ocean.

There’s a lighthouse that you can see as you’re riding the waves and Cannon Beach is in the distance.



Short Sands Beach

Another absolute adventure is a surf trip to Short Sands Beach on the rugged Oregon Coast. You’ll be hiking in with your board and gear about a mile or so through a thick dense forest that lands you in a scene that will be etched into your memory bank forever.








South Beach, OR

Just south of Newport Oregon is South Beach. It’s a nice beach and a lot of people come surf here.

Here’s a secret however, just down the road is the Whaler’s Rest RV Resort. It’s a great resort but you can land a campsite that puts you deep in the forest while you listen to the waves crashing. A very short walk from your RV puts your feet in the sand and you WILL be the only person surfing on this beach. Although keep your eyes out for migrating whales and sea lions.


Salt Creek

The salt creek recreational area in Washington State is a little spot just outside of Olympic National Park. It’s also so far north that when you’re hitting the waves you can view Canada in the distance across the water. It’s a great stop if you’re doing a border to border surfing trip up or down the west coast.

One of the big benefits is that it’s nearby the Elwha Dam RV Resort and because it’s so close to the national park, they draw the crowd and you get an entire outdoor playground to yourself while you’re visiting Olympic National Park.




Montana River Surfing

Every spring the river in the middle of Missoula Montana starts ripping with current from the Glacier National Park snow runoff.

That draws crazy adventurers so want to ride the river waves formed here. The spot is well known in the area and they even have outfits that will provide all the gear you need and give you the type of board that performs the best in this scenario. It’s an absolute rush and be ready to paddle hard to get to the shore when you fall off!




Olympic National Park

It’s tough to find a rugged secluded adventure that rivals surfing in Olympic National Park.

It’s such a remote area to begin with and when you add getting in that cold water to hit the waves, you’ll be one of very few who checks this  off their bucket list. It’s so vast and amazing that it’s tough to focus on catching the wave because the rugged beauty of the coast draws you  in.

While you can surf a variety of beaches and spots, there is a real danger of rocks hidden under the water. First Beach is probably the best bet for a safe and successful ride.



Delaware Seashore State Park

Yes even Delaware has surfing and when this spot is popping off it even draws crowds. Directly behind where this photo was taken is a large bridge with an RV Park underneath. Beautiful beach, secluded yet close to bustling beach towns like Rehoboth Beach with an excellent boardwalk and restaurants.

If this spot is too busy for you head up the coast a few miles to Cape Henlopen State Park where there’s another nice but small break on a beach you can drive your truck on!



Oceanside, CA

The Oceanside pier is the perfect example of a “California Beach”. It has the waves, the pier, the restaurants, the culture, street performers, walking/biking paths, and so much more.

There’s a variety of camping options nearby but the Escondido RV Resort is very well maintained and offers a great experience for their guests.

Ultimately the “Best” surf trip is going to come down to what every individual enjoys and of course how the waves pan out.

6 Random Roadside Attractions

We all love a good roadside attraction. Some of them are unique and relevant to the location yet some of them leave you scratching your head as to the reason for their existence.

Smallest Bar – Key West

Key West is a great time to relax and enjoy a tropical vacation. As you’re roaming downtown you’ll have to be careful cause it’s easy to miss, but the smallest bar exists in key west just down the street from Margaritaville.

Largest Purple Spoon – Glacier National Park

Just on the west side of Glacier National Park you’ll find the World’s Largest Purple Spoon. It’s fitting because this area spoons end up being purple from the incredible huckleberry pie that gets eaten off of them!

There are plenty of opportunities to buy fresh local huckleberry jam in and outside of the National Park. Load up! You can store it in the RV and enjoy it while you’re back from your RV Trip.

Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox – Bemidji, MN

The story of Paul Bunyan goes way back to a time when he created the well over 10,000 lakes up in Minnesota don’tcha know. He spent a lot of time up in Bemidji and if you are going to spend some time up here in the true north we recommend you stay at the Hamiltons on Fox Lake Campground.

Head out from the campground dock where you’ll be on a chain of 3 lakes with incredible fishing.

Only a short drive is the beautiful town of Bemidji where you’ll find a MASSIVE statue of the duo that took out so many trees back in the day. The Paul Bunyan bike trail goes from Bemidji to Brainerd Minnesota and considered one of the Nicest bike trails in the country.

Tour Through Tree – Klamath, CA

You may have watched the Geico commercial where they break down in the tree? Either way it’s a famous spot as it should be. Anytime you get to drive a vehicle through a massive piece of wood is a good time.

The Redwoods are the tallest trees in the world and are hundreds of years old. They also only live near the coastline.

Across the road is the Klamath Camper Corral Campground that fits big rigs. If you don’t have a tow vehicle or pull a 5th wheel with a dually, you can just walk across the road from the camper.


One Log House – NorCal

Not too far down the PCH from the Tour Through Tree is the One Log House. It’s such a unique experience to be able to walk inside one of these wood shells. Worth the stop directly off the pch and it’s nearby a few campgrounds.

Dinosaurs – Utah

There were a lot of Dinosaurs that roamed the earth many years ago and a fun activity for RVers is to go fossil hunting. Anytime you have a treasure hunting sort of adventure you’re going to find large Dinosaur attractions on the side of the road to take selfies with.

If you want a guaranteed shot of finding fossils, large shark teeth, etc the Peace River RV  Resort in central Florida has areas where within 30 seconds of looking you’ve found fossils directly at your campsite.

5 RV Campgrounds for Adventure

Looking for some bucket list adventure destinations that are guaranteed to produce a good time? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best adventures YOU can enjoy on your next camping trip.

Biking the Redwoods – Klamath Camper Corral

This is one of the craziest bike rides in the USA. It’s not one of the most dangerous, although it does shoot you racing down a mountain on a single track trail…

The reason it should be on everyone’s bucket list is that the Last Chance Section of the Coastal Trail puts you in a place where you’re able to pedal through the giant redwoods. It’s not just a chance to bike through the tallest trees in the world, but the entire time you’re either listening or looking down the cliff at the Pacific Ocean crashing below.

There are actually countless adventures that are within a few miles of this campground and you can even walk across the famous 101 freeway to the Drive Thru Tree.

Shark Fishing in the Keys – Fiesta Key RV Resort

Have you ever dreamed of reeling in a shark?

The Fiesta Key RV Resort is a place where you can watch Manatee, Shark, Dolphin and Snorkelers swim past you while you eat at the RV Resort Restaurant.

The big adventure here is the fishing. They have a marina where campers can safely park their boats for an incredible fishing vacation. Chum is legal to attract the sharks so it’s VERY easy to attract them to your boat. The retails store has everything you need to get out and catch the big one and there’s a bass pro shop just down the road.

If you don’t have your own boat there are boat rental and guide services at very reasonable rates.

Surfing on a World Class Beach – Newport Dunes RV Resort

Newport Beach California is full of surfers and models. The Newport Dunes RV Resort is a high end RV Resort that puts you in the heart of Orange County Surf Culture. You’re also in perfect position to take some beautiful day trips up OR down the PCH like Huntington and Laguna Beach.

Located directly on the Newport Bay, you’re minutes from a variety of famous surf breaks. The pier is a popular local spot where you can take lessons, eat at great bars/restaurants and enjoy some people watching.

2 miles down the peninsula (we recommend taking the bike/walking boardwalk path) is Balboa and at the very end is the world famous The Wedge. It’s not uncommon to see 20+ foot waves crushing the people who brave these powerful heavy waves.

Riding in the Desert – Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area

Looking for a place with unlimited potential to find great riding?

The Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area is a campground where 4 wheelers and dirt bike riders hang out and head out into the dunes from the campground.

There’s a few aspects to why this is such a wonderful place for adventure.

The Riding is top notch AND you’ll often find it to be a group of like minded riders who are camping there. Many of them travel in large groups to increase the fun level even more!

Fishing off the RV Deck – Wilderness Lakes RV Resort

Thousand Trails is a campground membership that is a great solution for Full Timers to enjoy quality RV Resorts at a reasonable rate. One of their campgrounds is the Wilderness Lakes in the Temecula area.

There are countless wineries nearby but the big adventure is if you have a toy hauler you can back it up on top of the water, where they have stocked canals ready for you to reel in the big one.

Many RV Resorts stock their private fishing pond/lakes so their guests increase the ability to catch fish along with not having to have a fishing license. Although you can back up to many campgrounds and fish off the deck the amount of waterfront sites here ensures that even during camping season you’ll be able to get a spot on the water with no reservation.


Be a Good Camping Neighbor

Being a good Camping Neighbor is about respect. It just takes a little common sense and thinking from the other persons perspective. You have to be considerate for other campers, the campground, and nature. Make sure the kids know the rules as well.

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RV Tank Talk

Before you RV, you must educate yourself on the RV tank system.  Otherwise, you could end up with a Black Tank DISASTER and that’s not something you want to have while you’re out camping.

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Why Fall is the Best Time to RV

“Chasing the Foliage” is becoming a popular event. In fact, most RVers will tell you autumn is the best time to go camping. The beauty of this season is unrivaled in many parts of the country. But that’s just part of the benefits of RVing in the fall. Before you winterize or head south for the season you might want to schedule one last camping trip for these reasons. – note: all of these photos were taken on Fall RV Trips.

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