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Average Camper Weights

Knowing the weight of your camper trailer is important.  When you’re hauling your camper, you need to make sure that the weight does not exceed the towing capacity of your vehicle or hitch.  Towing more weight than your vehicle is capable of could lead to damage and expensive repairs. Let’s take a look at average camper weights and how to figure out what yours may weigh.

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4 Campgrounds for a True NW Experience

If you want to truly experience the beautiful Northwest, you need to check out these four campgrounds. In great locations for exploring the best Washington has to offer, you’ll want to spend some time staying in each!

1. Elwha Dam RV Park

Elwha Dam RV Park is just a few minutes from the Olympic Peninsula. Get back in touch with nature and lose yourself in these beautiful forests. Hiking, biking, lakes to fish in, bird watching, and any other outdoor activity is just a short drive away. Get your fill of the beach and the ocean before heading back to this peaceful RV park. Once you find your way here, you won’t want to leave!



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