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Why RV Travel is Better!

Why do people feel the need to travel?  Why is it a stronger pull in some more than others?  What makes traveling around, exploring the unknown, so necessary for our happiness?


If you’ve ever been afflicted by wanderlust, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.  That strong desire to move, to get out somewhere you’ve never been, is incredibly difficult to ignore.  But travel isn’t cheap and it’s hard for many of us to find the time or money to really experience it the way we want to.  Here’s where RVing comes to the rescue!


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Celebrities that RV

We’ve all seen news stories and articles featuring celebrities on set or on the road in their incredible motor homes. While on location, celebrities often have RVs that are more luxurious than many of our homes! But some celebrities have fallen in love with the RV lifestyle and spend more time than they need to enjoy them.

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RV Skywatching in 2017 — Preparing for the Eclipse

So, you’ve decided that this is the perfect RV season to begin skywatching. With this year’s upcoming eclipse, you picked the right year.

Let’s start with what you need to view the eclipse. For no money at all, you can build a pinhole projector. For this method, you’ll need:

2 sheets of white cardstock or stiff paper
aluminum foil
a pin

Step one is simple; cut a square hole in the center of one sheet of cardstock or stiff paper. Next, cut out a piece of aluminum foil larger than the cut out hole in the paper. Tape the foil to cover the hole in the cardstock.

Finally, make a small pinhole in the foil. You are now the proud owner of a pinhole projector.

To use it, place the uncut piece of cardstock on the ground. Then, with the sun (or eclipse) behind you, hold the foiled cardstock a few feet above it. The further you hold your pinholed sheet from your projection screen, the larger the projected image will be. Play with the distances until you get the best image for you.

Pinhole Projector Diagram

Pinhole Projector Diagram

And that’s it. Or do you want something better. More direct?

There are glasses that will protect your eyes if you look toward the eclipse itself.

We at Poulsbo RV cannot stress strongly enough that you should NEVER look directly at an eclipse.  You cannot trust your sunglasses, your ski goggles or anything not made to those specifications to protect your eyes. That said, there are glasses specifically made to let you watch the eclipse SAFELY.

What you want to look for are glasses that meet or exceed the ISO 12312-2:2015 specifications. As an example, you can order inexpensive, disposable viewing glasses (in bulk or just a few) at

For and example of something more substantial, Amazon carries reusable eclipse glasses such as these.

Do you want to photograph the eclipse, or view it through binoculars or a telescope? For less cost than a specific-made filter for these devices, there are filter sheets which you can securely affix to those devices, such as this.

There are many options to pretect your eyes from an eclipse.

Eclipse Eye Protection Options

Whichever way you choose to view this once-in-a-lifetime local event, be sure be safe. Your eyes can’t be replaced. Once you’re certain of that, enjoy. Listen as the natural world around you hushes over and colors become not-quite-right. And then rejoice at the beauty of the sky above. It’s truly a wonder. Don’t miss it!

RV Skywatching in 2017 — The Show that Never Ends

One of the unique opportunities of RVing is the ability to see the night sky—not the night sky of our cities and suburbs—but the true, inspiring darkness and sprays of stars that fascinated our ancestors. That moment when you show a child the Milky Way for the first time and watch the realization of the true sky seep into them…

Step one to enjoying the night sky is to find a place to camp that gets TRUELY dark. This can actually be harder than you might imagine. A good resource to tell if your destination will have good darkness levels is This web site, even though it was created in the fly, has the best interface I’ve found for locating good observation sites.

A telescope is a wonderful investment for an RVing family, but even if you choose not to go quite that far, 2017 has several great sky shows for which no (or little) equipment is needed. For instance, plan to stargaze during meteor showers. Here is a handy table of this year’s most spectacular displays:

Meteors 2017

Most easily viewed Meteor Showers of 2017


But best of all, Aug. 21, 2017 will bring a nationwide Total Solar Eclipse, ideally viewed locally in Oregon (see totality illustration below). The eclipse begins at 9 a.m. and ends at 11:30 a.m. The 60-mile wide path of totality—when the moon completely blocks the sun—will last for two minutes starting at 10:15 a.m. You MUST protect your eyes (NEVER look directly at an eclipse), but a quick pinhole camera or ISO certified eclipse viewing glasses will do.

Note: This is an event that people travel the world to see. To get a campground spot, call for reservations as soon as possible.


Total Eclipse Path

Eclipse Totality Region through Oregon

Working Out While on the Road

If you’re traveling in your RV for an extended period of time, finding the space to work out can be a challenge.  If you aren’t a runner who can be easily accommodated anywhere, you might just plan on skipping your workouts while you’re traveling.  There are exercises and equipment you can bring with you to make working out doable while in the RV.


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Instagram for RVers

While traveling, keeping your friends and family updated about the adventures you have, and the places you explore, has never been easier!  With sites like Facebook, you can quickly and easily update the people in your life about what you’re doing.  For a visual app that focuses on sharing the breathtaking images you capture, you need to look at Instagram

Instagram only works from a mobile device and is the social media place to share your pictures.  With filters and editing tools built in, Instagram makes getting that perfect photo a breeze!  

These are some ways that you can enhance your experience and tailor it to you RV adventures.


When posting a photo, you have the option to disclose your location.  By choosing to do so, you are letting others know where they can see the beautiful landscape you’re sharing for themselves.  You may also connect with other people in the area, people you could share an evening meal with, or maybe make some life long friends!

M Anywhere can be your home.

Instagram uses hashtags to connect related images with each other.  Try searching for some popular RV hashtags that you could start tagging your photos with.  This can connect you with other RVers, allow you to see images of places you’ll be going, get travel tips, and include you in an entire online community of people who are doing just what you love to do!

SU Bikes are easy to bring along on your RV Adventures. The best part is they increase the fun factor exponentially.
And lastly, when you’re taking photos to share of your RV adventures, be mindful of what you post.  What would you most like to see if you were browsing through another RVers photos? Include pictures of RV in all the amazing places you visit and you’ll have a wonderful timeline in photos of all the travels you make over the years.