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Why Bryce Canyon is an RVers Dream


Bryce Canyon is an RVers dream. You are able to drive the entire length of the scenic park in just a few hours, but the memories will last forever.


We recommend staying at one of the many RV Parks just outside the park and taking a car or another vehicle in. They also provide a shuttle service for RVers who don’t have a tow vehicle to use.


The hiking along the rim is easy and the paths are flat and wide. If you’re feeling adventurous take one of the awe-inspiring hikes down into the Hoodoos.

Why Bryce Canyon is an RVers Dream 1

As with many National Parks, you are able to see very scenic things from the road. You can drive all the way through Bryce and back, stopping at every major viewpoint in a matter of hours.

Why Bryce Canyon is an RVers Dream 3

There are so many spots that you can park and hike along the rim. We LOVED going here in the winter because the weather was perfect for hiking but the best part is we didn’t have to deal with crowds. We would go miles without seeing another car and people on the trails was almost not existent.

Why Bryce Canyon is an RVers Dream 2

The next morning I took off around 4:30 am to head to Sunrise Point to start my hike. I started on the Rim Trail via Sunrise Point, headed down the Queen Garden, Peekaboo Loop, Najavo Loop to the Rim Trail above till it put me back at Sunrise Point. It was around 9 miles and except for the area near the Rim Trail I didn’t see another person on the entire hike.

Why Bryce Canyon is an RVers Dream 4

Although it looks cold in the pictures, it was around 55 degrees and felt perfect while hiking.

Why Bryce Canyon is an RVers Dream 5

This bathroom was in the middle of nowhere!

Why Bryce Canyon is an RVers Dream 6

It was so incredible to know I was walking among those HUGE Hoodoos. A few times I almost pinched myself. I was just able to slowly walk around while the lighting changed by the second, bringing out crazy Orange and Red colors on the path.

Why Bryce Canyon is an RVers Dream 7

I spoke with this RV couple briefly while I was on my way up and they were on their way down into Bryce Canyon. I joked with them that they slept in and missed the good light, when everything was Orange. The lady laughed and said “We’re retired, we don’t get up that early anymore!!”

Why Bryce Canyon is an RVers Dream 8

This is a great place to go hiking with your kids. The trails are safe, wide and well marked. A Class C would be able to drive well on the scenic drive through the park.

Why Bryce Canyon is an RVers Dream 9


What Should I Bring on an RV Trip

There is such a huge variety of RVs, 5th wheels and travel trailers. Some are like luxury houses and some are very basic. Depending on the style of camping and experience you seek you’ll want to pick the RV that best meets your needs. What you need to bring for a basic outing into the woods in a small travel trailer will vary from going to a RV Resort full of amenities in a fully loaded Class A. Here’s a short list of things to bring to get you ready for your RV Adventure:

Camping Essentials


  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Flashlight
  • Camera, batteries and film or memory cardWhat Should I Bring on an RV Trip 1
  • Folding camping chairs
  • Sunglasses
  • Swiss Army knife
  • Cell phone and charger
  • Compass
  • Whistle
  • Tool set
  • Firepit


RV-Specific Essentials

What Should I Bring on an RV Trip 2

  • Tire pressure gauge
  • Toilet chemicals – if you have an RV equipped with a toilet
  • Wood blocks
  • Battery jumper, cables, flares and flashlight
  • WD40, Duct Tape and Scissors

Basic Gear


  • Bedding
    • choose what is most convenient for you, whether sleeping bags or sheets and comforters
  • Blankets and pillow


Kitchen Equipment


  • Plates, bowls, cups, and cutlery – we use paper plates to minimize the dishes
  • Utensils (can opener/bottle opener, chopping board, spatula, tongs etc.)
  • Cookware (pots and pans)
  • Matches/lighter
  • CondimentsWhat Should I Bring on an RV Trip 3
  • Dish soap and sponges
  • Kitchen Linens (dishtowels, potholders, napkins, table cloth etc.)
  • Paper towels and paper napkins
  • Garbage bags
  • Tupperware
  • BBQ grill
  • Cooler – if your RV does not have a refrigerator
  • Firewood




  • Walking and hiking shoes
  • Pants, jeans and shorts
  • Tee shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters and jacket
  • Hat
  • Socks and underwear
  • Swimsuit


What Should I Bring on an RV Trip 4

Personal Items


  • Towels and washcloth
  • Soap, shampoo and other toiletries
  • Hairbrush
  • Toilet paper
  • Personal medications



What Should I Bring on an RV Trip 5

  • Outdoor activity equipment (cornhole, fishing gear, etc.)
  • Cards and board games
  • Reading material

Happy Camping!


Tips for Saving Money on RV Trips

An RV Trip is a fantastic way to travel the country and is significantly cheaper than other vacation options. However, there are always ways to make your money go further. Before heading out on the open road consider these ideas to keep more money in your wallet.

Save Money at Home while You Are Away


  • Stop any newspaper or other subscriptions for the duration of your trip
  • Turn off or turn down air conditioning and heating units
  • Have a neighbor, relative or friend watch your pet rather than paying a kennel

Preventative Vehicle Maintenance

  • Check tire pressure, spare tire, hazard lights, air filter, oil level, etc. This will help to prevent any unexpected breakdowns and also help the functioning of your vehicle during long drives.



  • An extra vehicle key in your wallet or somewhere so you don’t have to pay someone if keys are locked inside
  • Duct tape, scissors, needle and thread, and other helpful items
  • Batteries and charged electronics
  • First aid kit stops trips to the local (and expensive) convenience store for band aids and other items



  • Bulk buy food/economy size and repackage them into snack sized servings to prevent paying high prices for individual packs at convenience stores
  • Bring lots of water as this can be used in different situations. Also consider bringing snacks to hold off hunger


  • Pre pack some meals and have a list of recipes ready to go
  • Have a big breakfast before you leave to prevent hunger along the road
  • Bring condiments



  • Use apps such as Gasbuddy to find the lowest price
  • Be prepared to drive more efficiently, to get more mileage out of your gas
  • Drive in off peak traffic times in big cities where possible



  • Do you use things such as or groupon
  • National park passes save a significant amount of money if you are visiting frequently
  • Pack games and cards
  • Do you have movies to watch in the evenings

Vehicle Maintenance, Care and Road Side Recovery


  • Are you a AAA member? This could save you money if there is a breakdown
  • Do you have warranty or insurance on your RV?

RV Parks

  • Do you have a membership such as the Thousand Trails?

Staying in Touch


  • Do you have mobile internet like a Verizon Jetpack
  • Wilson Boosters can offer service when you have no bars
  • Does the RV Park have free wifi


RVing and Camping should be something that enriches your life, not cause you stress. Use these tips and Get Out and Camp!

Wheels of Boom Food Drive Rules the Tacoma RV Show

While we at Poulsbo RV were enjoying the comradery of Last weekend’s Tacoma RV Show, we had the chance to be part of another, nearby special event: The Wheels of Boom Food Drive.

Wheels of Boom is a magnificent organization that mixes die-hard Seahawks love with the spirit community. They dress up their cars (and themselves) and gather to have tailgate fun, but also collect non-perishable goods for those in need.

Blitz hugs a fan!

Blitz hugs a fan!

And collect they did! With 15+ fully Hawked-out cars, lots of family and friends, and none other than Blitz signing autographs and taking pictures (and, at one point trying very hard to fit into the R2-D2 smart car), the donations came rolling in.



The final quantity filled one of our transport pickups TO CAPACITY. And I mean filled. Not just the truck bed: the driver had just enough elbow room for safety. Add to that a $500 check, and we say, “Wheels of Boom, you done good.”

The Haul

The Haul

All proceeds went to the Bonney Lake and Snoqualmie Valley Food Banks.

If you’re kicking yourself for missing all this fun, DON’T! Wheels of Boom Is always on the move! Their next event will be in North Bend on Saturday 10/15. There’ll be live music, Pro Shop merchandise, kids activities and more. Plus a chance to help those in need.

For more information, go to

Blitz waves to fans.

Blitz waves to fans.


See you there. GO HAWKS!

Why the iPhone 7 is Great for RVers

We all know that RVers love nature as well as a little technology in their lives, after all they are camping in an RV instead of a regular tent.  Our love of technology is perfectly displayed by our relationship with our phones.  It’s one of the best and most useful tools to have on hand when RVing.  It’s a navigator, camera, stereo, computer all compacted into one device that can fit in your pocket.  So the question is, which of these smartphones is currently the best on the market for RVers?   Well, Apple may be able to answer that question…


After Apple’s big keynote event in the beginning of September, the internet went a buzz with debate over the latest iPhone.  After the presentation however, one thing was clear, the iPhone 7 is the greatest phone that Apple has released thus far.  One of the biggest draws of the iPhone 7, and generally Apple itself, is it’s meant to enhance your everyday life, including your everyday RV life.  Using this pocket sized tool is meant to make everyday tasks a little easier, it’s meant to provide small functions to turn a good day into a great day.  We’ll go more into detail, but to quickly give you an overview, the iPhone 7 has a faster processor, incredible camera, is water and dust resistant, and now includes stereo sound.

Phone or Computer? 

technology news extra

So most people are attracted to the iPhone’s (slightly) new look, with it’s newly introduced black colors and it’s now hidden antenna line.  However, what’s most impressive is what’s on the inside.  Apple has placed it’s new A10 processor inside which makes your phone that much faster while simultaneously reduces the amount of energy drained from your battery.  It’s incredible and the best of both worlds!  This new feature is great for today’s mobile entrepreneurs, managing your business on the road has never been easier for the location independent worker than it is now.  Check emails, create spreadsheets, documents, presentations, videos, all done in the palm of your hand at lightning fast speed.  Additionally, the iPhone 7 finally removes the 16GB option, and gives you the choices of a 32, 128, and 256GB phone.  Finally, you won’t have to worry about getting the “Storage Almost Full” notification every time you pick your phone up.  Store all the documents, photos, apps and videos you like on these devices.  With a new and innovative processor and more storage this iPhone is practically a computer!

Capture your Favorite RV Memoriespio-pico-34

More good news for RVers, the iPhone 7’s camera is amazing and the pictures on it look incredible.  The iPhone 7 comes with a 12MP rear facing camera and an upgraded 7MP front facing camera, this means higher quality selfies.  Additionally, the 7 Plus has a dual lens with the second lens being a telephoto lens, perfect for portrait photos.  This also allows users to seamlessly go from a 1x zoom to a 10x zoom!  And now that the iPhone registers and displays more vibrant colors, the beautiful landscapes you capture while on the road will look even more realistic.

Tougher than it Looks

WASH (161).JPG

A tougher iPhone is just what the modern RVer needs nowadays to suit their rugged lifestyle.  The iPhone 7 can tag along with you on almost any adventure now.  Since the 7 is water resistant, it can endure your rainy days and can also be handy on those warm summer days by the river.   No longer will you have to fret over getting a few splashes on your phone.  On top of that it’s also dust resistant, and we all know how dusty some of those campsites can be.  So this phone is perfect to have at your side while not having to worry about it getting ruined by your surroundings.

Campfire Jam

200501866-001Last, but definitely not least, one of the iPhone 7’s new features is perfect to help any RVer unwind after a long day.  Imagine you, the family, friends are all gathered around a roaring campfire, listening to some sweet tunes booming from your… iPhone?  That’s right, the new iPhone now has real stereo sound to enhance your listening experience.  So jam out all you want around the campfire, of course before quiet hours!

What do you think? Is the iPhone 7 just the smartphone for you on the road?  What features do you wish Apple included to improve your experience as an RVer?

7 Ways the New iPhone 7 Affects Campers

Apple just announced its release of the New iPhone 7 and it’s definitely going to change the way people camp. They’ll have access to their “regular life” while being “lost in the woods”.  This may be controversial to some people because conventionally, camping is an escape from your “regular life”.  These people may find it difficult to really disconnect from the digital world that’s so prevalent in our everyday life and connect to the nature and environment you are taking the time to camp in.  However if used in moderation the iPhone 7 can actually help in enhancing you RV camping experience.

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