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Selecting an RV to Go Off the Grid

Glamping is a wonderful luxurious experience but sometimes it’s equally as great to get away deep into the wilderness. During these camping trips you’ll want to have an RV that can accommodate “off the grid” Boondocking (RVing without hook ups). Here’s a few quick tips to help you in your pursuit of the perfect RV that has all the conveniences of home, yet allows you to get lost in the wilderness.

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RV Showering

1Heading out camping for a week in an RV doesn’t mean going without a shower for a week. One of the great things about RVing is that you are able to have all of the conveniences of home while traveling to your favorite destinations. When you’re looking at purchasing an RV it’s important to know the differences in your RV Shower options. Read More

RV Event – Snowmobile Grass Drags

One of the great joys of RVing is being able to immerse yourself into fun and unusual events and activities. There are hobbies all across the country that you may not have known existed. An RV event where snowmobiles race on grass is one of those unique experiences.

When people tend to think of snowmobiling they think of snow and cold. When people think of RVing they typically think of warmth and summer. At the RV Snowmobile Grass Drags event you’re able to have the best of both worlds and stroll out of your RV in shorts and a T-Shirt to watch these powerful machines zip down the track at well over 150 mph. Some people brought their snowmobiles to the event in their Toy Haulers.

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