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Get Adventurous with the Roadtrek

If you’re looking for an adventure of a lifetime, CS-Adventurous-at-Hoover-Dam-3one that can take you into the depths of the biggest city or the trenches of the deepest canyons; the Roadtrek is the ULTIMATE ADVENTURE VEHICLE for you!

What’s with all this craze about the Roadtreks lately? Well, the Roadtrek Adventurous is the latest and greatest in RV Design creativity. It goes above and beyond what you’d expect for quality and practicality in an RV Van.

Built from a Mercedes Sprinter Van, you’ll be able to travel and be confident you’re safe and reliable on the open road. Let’s take a look at some of the key reasons people choose Roadtrek: Read More

RV Tank Talk

If you’re new to camping here’s a big tip, one of the fastest ways to have a bad experience camping is to head out not knowing how to dump your tanks. Yes we all have to learn how at some point, but you might as well learn before you head out rather than learning through trial and error.

If you think you can just Brainerd Fair (10).JPGavoid using your RV Toilet think again. Next time you RV to an event and you have the option of the porta-potty or the comforts of your own RV you’ll opt for the RV.

Dumping your tanks is a very quick and clean process if you 41195-tst-orange-64ozknow what you’re doing. So let’s start with the basics, RV Toilets are going to be different from the toilet in your house that you’re use to. When you flush the toilet at home the waste goes into a septic system. In an RV you’re gray and black tanks are your septic system.

Here’s a few pointers to make it a clean process.

How to use the RV Toilet:

Before anything add a few gallons of water to the black tank so there is a good base layer of water. This is usually a few toilet bowls worth of water. Using your RV Toilet without a good base of water could mean clumping waste, false readings or clogs. Next add RV Toilet 0005400012698_500X500Treatment to the black tank. Now your toilet is ready for use.

Use RV Safe Products

RVs require you to use products (like toilet paper) that are specifically designed for the RV Industry. Toilet treatment should be applied to your tanks after each time you dump your tanks. This eliminates smell and breaks down waste so the black tank can be emptied more easily. Do not flush anything else down the RV Toilet other than waste and tp.

Close the Tank

If you’re going to be parked FullSizeRender (2)at the campsite for awhile, it’s ok to leave your gray tank open a little bit to drain water you use. This is helpful so you don’t have to be concerned with filling tanks from showering, laundry or dishes. The black tank should be kept closed. If kept open the liquid can easily drain while the solids might form a pyramid. A full black tank is easier to empty as the weight of the waste helps clear it all out when you dump.

Where to DumpTuesday Tip, Insurance companies say the #1 claim by RVers is accidents at the pump. Usually providing extra room, truck stops are a great way to stay safe at the pump.

When you have to dump where should you go? Here are a few of the most common options:

  • Many campgrounds have full hookups for the convenience of dumping at the site. If one isn’t available at the site, a campground will usually have a universal dump station.
  • Truck Stops and rest stops often have hookups.
  • Dump Stations can be found through a few online websites.
  • Car and truck washes will often have dump stations.

Eric Hannan is a full time RVer and writer.
Check out his RVing Blog at

Dump Station.JPG

How to Survive the First RV Drive

You might be like the majority of First Time RVers who expect doom and gloom when you first get behind the wheel of your RV. Let’s face it, driving an RV can be intimidating at first. It’s easy to picture yourself taking out a gas pump or hitting something while backing into a campsite. Usually that anticipation/anxiety for the experienced RV driver wears off a few miles down the road as you settle into your saddle and head off to the camping destination. For the first time RVer, that feeling will probably last the entire drive unless you equip yourself with a little bit of knowledge to avoid some of the common pitfalls for newbies.

Fox Lake (122)

Most new RVers are going to be very comfortable driving a car/truck. Although it’s usually a very similar experience, there are a few key differences that you’l need to understand with something so long and large to make it a pleasurable experience rather than being a nervous wreck the entire time. Here’s our tips to keep you smiling down the road. Keep in mind that although many of these tips are general, some will vary depending on the size and type of your RV.


Make sure that your information is handy such as insurance, registration, owners manuals etc. This will keep you calm when something happens while driving. When you’re prepared you can be calm. The most important roadside assistance numbers should be accessible immediately while on the road.

Plan and Prepare

Lists are your friends. Plan the Route. Many people use GPS in their vehicle or on the phone. Whichever you prefer. If you have a concern about roads that are RV friendly there are a number of phone apps that can guide you on the correct route to avoid dangers like low bridges etc.

Know Your Weight

Many RVers are traveling on the roads with an overloaded and overweight RV. Another common yet dangerous mistake is having a truck that doesn’t have the capacity to pull what we’re putting behind it. Make sure your truck has the capacity to pull the loaded rig. If you’re overloaded you can be at risk of blowouts or a severe hampering on your braking ability. When you pack the RV put the heavy items in the middle, evenly distributed, between the axles to avoid wobble. Are you a Foodie, then visit the Garlic Capital of the World in your RV.

Understand the Basics of Driving your Type of RV

Travel Trailers will handle a lot
different than a 5th wheel and so on It’s critical to know how to handle your specific type of RV. There are many great driving instructional videos on youtube for all kinds of RVs.

Don’t Hit the PumpPrinceton (111)

Did you know that insurance claims say that the number one cause of accidents with RV is the rear swing you have at the gas pumps, causing you to hit the pump? Keep that in mind the next time you’re fueling up so that you can clear the pumps while leaving.

Communicate with the Park RangerT This might be Paradise

When you arrive at your RV Park make sure you tell the ranger you are new to parking the RV. They will often help you ease into your comfort level by possibly assigning you pull through sites or easily accessible campsites. It’s even a good idea to call the campground ahead of time to let them know you’re coming in hot and will need an easy place to park.

Hopefully with these tips you’ll be as calm as this guy.

What happens when Weather meets Technology?

Does anyone else feel like there is a magnet that draws you unwillingly towards knocking over food and beverages? Rather than worrying about the carpet in your RV, protect it with USA Made Weathertech Mats!

What about HARSH Conditions?

These mats are designed for the toughest that nature can throw at them. From the heat of Death Valley to the blizzards of Mammoth, they’re designed to not curl, crack or harden in the extreme temperatures.

Death Valley (31).JPG

What about Spilling Coffee?

Whenever you have a fresh cup of coffee and a bumpy road, there is the potential for disaster. When disaster strikes in the form of a liquid, the weathertech mats have a deep channel design to keep all that liquid until you’re able to dump the water out.

photo 4 (9).JPG

It’s not just about the coffee though. These mats trap liquid, road salt and sand. The protective finish makes cleaning up a breeze.

What about Petsscout_on_Cargo_Liner-1024x768

Pets are such a joy to bring with
on your camping adventures but that companionship comes with some responsibility. Part of that means that when you’re pets run around in the muck that they will be able to come home with you! The rear pet mat is perfect for all pet lovers who realize their pets will act like pets…

Wear and Tear41275_Sportage_09_Kia_Wood_Pile

Don’t let the fact that you live an active life, wear out your vehicle prematurely. Weather you’re hauling firewood or hiking gear, you’ll love that the Weathertech Mats keep your vehicles carpet looking brand new.

As a Weathertech Dealer we’re able to get you any product that you need. Let us know how we can help you in keeping your investment clean and well kept.

The 2016 Phaeton

The Tiffin Phaeton is one of mainthose rigs
that turns heads in the campground. There’s so many reasons it’s one of the nation’s best selling Diesel Pushers! Here’s just a few:

Staying Cool

There are two things the Phaeton does exceptional well in regards to temperature control; Keeping you cool and doing it quietly. Read More

The “Sort of” Alert RVer

It’s happened to us all. Driving long distance on a family tired-manadventure. Early on the trip the excitement takes over and you feel great. As you enter new areas the anticipation builds. After time, the excitement and anticipation turns into weary tired eyes. When this

You’ve become the “Sort of” Alert RVer.

It’s no worth risking your life and the lives of everyone along on the camping trip. That’s one of the advantages of having an RV is you can have the conveniences of home wherever you stop for the night. There are many great places to pull over and catch some sleep for weary travelers like Walmart, Truck Stops, and  Rest Stops. Now let’s talk about ways to avoid getting tired prematurely. There are tried and true ways to keep you alert and lasting longer to ultimately arrive earlier and safer to your camping destination. Read More

Do You Have “Camping Goals”?

DSC_0538_tonemapped.jpgThere’s so many people who get to the golden age of their life and wonder where all the time went. They had so many places they’ve seen in magazines over the years and had plans to see them in person. So many experiences they wanted to enjoy and not enough time to do it all.

“If you fail to plan you plan to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

We all want to travel. Why do some people see more of the country than others? It comes down to your Travel GOALS.

Most people don’t achieve the goals that they never set for themselves. Let’s take a few moments to take the first step and create some goals. To give you some ideas we’ve outlined a few common Camping Goals. Make sure you write down your goals and put them somewhere where you’ll see them often. Read More

RVing with your Dogs

Fox Lake (153)We call them our “best friends” for a reason. Our animals are such a big part of our lives. Being able to bring them on your camping trips with your RV is fun for you, fun for them. Here’s a few tips to make sure that everyone is loving the time outdoors.


Have a Checklist

Leaving for a camping trip dog-to-do list rvcan be stressful. Constantly wondering if you forgot something while the chaos of the kids making noise and suddenly the dog can become a stressor if you’re not prepared. A digital checklist is a great way to make sure you have everything you need to make sure your pet is able to do as many activities as possible. Read More

Popular RVers

More people than ever before are RVing! SU Would you rather take an RV Trip Surfing or Kayaking in the Woods12instaThey realize that the added quality of life is a no brainer for such a small investment. Modern advances in design, build and technology have opened up a way for all types of people can enjoy the benefits of RVing comfortably. We’ve broken down some of the popular types of RVers.


They’ve worked mon-fri and now it’s time to head up north, to the lake, to the race, or out to get lost in the wilderness. They come back to the office each Monday amped up about their amazing adventure over the weekend which makes you realize how boring your weekend of doing yard work and running errands. Toy Haulers are big with this group to bring their hobbies along for the ride.

Do you use a Gopro to document your travels

With kids traveling for sporting events hotels can be costly. Many weekenders opt for RVing to the event and have all the conveniences of home!Tiny Tots (9)

There’s so many options for meetups of like minded people looking for a good time.

Grass Drags (174)_tonemapped

Full Time RVers

Fox Lake (36)Baby Boomers are retiring at record numbers. There’s a huge spike in young couples working remotely while traveling in RVs.


For the younger working campers, the options are unlimited for design and style. Some people prefer a stock office, some build their own. The best part is you can take it to your favorite camping spots!

It feels a little creepy that Bailey sits all day watching me work, waiting and waiting until I eat something

Fox Lake (151)The Traditional Vacationer

There’s a group of campers that for whatever reason head out at the same time of year, year after year. Usually Memorial Day Weekend, July 4th, Labor Day Weekend, and one week during the summer. They live busy lives but realize that with over 16,000 campgrounds in this country, the perfect holiday vacation is nearby.


The Seasonal Snowbird

Some people flee the cold, some flee the heat. Snowbirds typically flock towards warmer climates in the winter months. When you visit the same places each year it’s easy to get a group of other snowbirds to enjoy time with.

Fox Lake (33)

photo 2 (12)Scenery Chasers

Some people crave the natural wonders of this earth. There’s more unique and interesting places of interest in the United States than you can experience in a lifetime. So rather than waiting until “some day” people that have a yearning for amazing places flock to RVs to take them there.


The YamperHave you been Yamping (yard camping)

We all get busy with our lives. It’s tough to see friends and family as often as we’d like to. When people do get the time off it can be difficult to figure out where to stay. This is where the Yamper pulls up in their RV. Yard Camping is revered as the ultimate way to visit friends and family.


DSC_0077Adventure Seeking RVers

Life is meant to be enjoyed. Earth is meant to be explored. The places you’ve seen in outdoor magazines your entire life are now accessible with your RV.


DSC_0083RV Pets

What most pet owners realize when they retire and want to travel is that the options for “Pet Friendly” are very limited in common vacation destinations. RV Pets make the perfect companions on the Open Road.



Do you fit into one of these groups?

7 Benefits of Line Dryers for RVers

When was the last time doing a chore made you feel good? Odds are that it’s been awhile. We talk to so many RVers about laundry and one thing is clear, Line Drying Clothes is an enjoyable experience.

First off when you’re an RVer you want to look at how you want to do your laundry.

Common Options:

  • Laundromat
  • Washer/Dryer in the RV
  • RV Park
  • Alternative Washing

Many people that love 418Kwd6Q9TL._SX300_.jpgline drying often pair it with using alternative washing solutions such as the Scrubba Wash Bag. This is especially common in smaller RVs.

When it’s time to for drying, nothing beats Line Drying! We love it so much we’ve identified 7 Benefits of Line Drying for RVers.CL-36 Clothes and Towels.jpg

Keep your Whites White

Clothes can get dirty when2596427 you’re camping in the outdoors. The sun does a fantastic job of getting stains out and whitening your whites.

Bringing Back the Memories

You could be one of those people who long to air dry their clothes because it brings back wonderful childhood memories but your HOA won’t allow it. In this situation an RV Clothes Line is the perfect solution!

They Smell Amazing

The sun is a natural deodorizer and the outdoors smells great!

It’s Cheaper

Think of all the quarters Justins Cabin (63).jpgyou could save if you didn’t have to use them on the dryer.

It’s Outdoors

Odds are good that if you’re an RVer you probably enjoy the outdoors. Now with Line Drying you can enjoy a nice view from your campground while you hang the clothes.

Clothing lasts longer.

You’ve seen all the lint in your 4939047_origdryer vent. Line drying is more gentle on your clothing which makes it last longer.

The Environment Loves It

Less electricity is better for the environment.

So what’s the best 03-0652-3way to dry your clothes while RVing? The Stromber Clothes Line is the perfect clothes dryer for RVers.
It connects directly to your RV Ladder and lets the sun dry your wardrobe.

It’s sturdy enough to handle your entire load. So what are you waiting for? Get your Stromber Clothes Line TODAY so you can enjoy Line Drying out in nature!


Eric Hannan is a full time RVer and writer.
Check out his RVing Blog at